Do You Have EPP Projects in Hiding?




The track from my house down to the road

I took a break from designing my usual Scottish themed wall quilts in early February to go through my stash of fabrics. I wanted to remind myself what I had, what had been used (why were there no more reds?) and weed out odd pieces I will never use. I  also went through a pile of boxes of early projects I had intended to do years ago. There must be ten or more, each one boxed with the fabric required to complete the top (I never buy batting and backing fabric until the top is complete) and a photocopy or sketch of the design I had intended, with notes and measurements. Most of them are ideas for baby quilts because that is what I set out to do originally, though I changed my mind over time. A few are for smaller wall pictures and a couple are for full sized quilts.  There were also boxes of unused charm packs and mini charm packs.


Just a few of dozens of plastic boxes of projects in waiting

Despite the plans to do so many different things this year I began wondering when these were going to get done if I didn’t start working on some of them very soon. I could sell the fabric of course but it’s such a chore to list, photograph and post it all for the paltry sum you get back.  Unless you are a shop, everyone  expects a bargain, even for unused quality fabric pieces. In any case I love the fabrics too much for that.

I spent a couple of happy days going over each project, checking the paper pieces I  had and those I needed, checking the amount of fabric I had and what was missing, and creating a new plan of attack for each of them. Some could be started straight away. Some could be made smaller. I typed all this up in a list so I could refer to it in the future as I worked through each of them.

I made a start on the mini charm packs first because they are so small. I adore the juicy colours of ‘Simple Marks Summer’ against its slate grey background.


‘Mixed Bag’ is just as cheerful and I love that paper boat!


Here is ‘Liquorice’, a mini charm pack of black and dark greys that I am going to pair with pink and light grey cats.


And finally, ‘Shibori’. This will be a quilt of blue squares surrounding five little houses under a moon. I love the Japanese Indigo charms by Moda.


Then I made some larger blocks for a child’s log cabin quilt. Aren’t they fun!


Having made a start on a few of these projects that had been hidden away, I hope I can fit them in between my ongoing sewing projects and see some progress towards completion for them.

I always think I will get more sewing done in winter but there are still just as many other things to do. It’s a gorgeous day here in Scotland today, the sun is shining and the sky is blue but it’s very cold. I am hiding in my little heated studio with my fabric, avoiding the housework because the other rooms in the house are so cold. I will have to venture out to clean the duck pen soon and on the way I’ll be reminded that there are pots of snowdrops waiting to be planted and others that need transplanting.


Snowdrops looking for a home

I am in the middle of an online  textile course too, so it’s time I got on with my next assignment (more about this in a future post), and it is my husband’s birthday on Friday, which is also Valentine’s Day. Some preparation is definitely needed for that! It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by all this stuff sometimes. I often wonder what it would be like to wake up one day with nothing to do.

My plans for my next three Scottish themed quilts are built around snowdrops, bluebells and daffodils and I am hoping that all of those lovely flowers won’t have faded and gone before I have  managed to finish the quilts the celebrate them.  I also want to set up a proper website for my designs soon and to finally get around to opening an Etsy shop but first I have to read up on all the information so that I know I am going about it in the best way.

So, I know where I am with ALL my plans and projects and where I am going (eyebrows rising). Now, just like the King in Alice in Wonderland, I just have to “Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: Then stop”. That’s do-able, right?


My ducks, foraging outside the barn. From left to right in the front: Bossy-boy, Phoebe, Lily, and Bertie. Plum is the dark one at the back.

Till next time….



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