It’s A Wrap!


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I’ve been experimenting quite a lot these past few months, not just with traditional English Paper Piecing designs but with making objects using the same principle: Fabric wrapped shapes. I liked the idea of making a doll’s house that would be portable and hand washable. Each end would fold in and it could be slipped in a bag to take elsewhere to play. I don’t know how user friendly this is, as I don’t have young kids.

I sewed each end on to the front piece separately and then added the doors and windows. The curtains could be better and I wish I had made a door that could open. I added the planters and the flowering vine last. I bought some vine trim and some flower trim, sewed on the vine and then cut off individual flowers to add to the vine. This part was the most enjoyable.

Here is another fabric wrapped idea I had. I thought it would be fun to make a series of tartan armchairs. Now I’m thinking of putting a sleeping cat on them, or maybe a dog…


I made some Christmas decorations for friends and family (see below). I tried two types, a flower shape and a propeller shape and I think the latter shape is by far the most successful. I made some in Christmassy fabric, and gave these away immediately so they are not shown here, but also some with cats and dogs on, some with pirates and even one with dog bones. I guess if you don’t have a tree you can hang them anywhere.

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Now I have to get on and make some gifts in time for Christmas. I am going to try another Log Cabin Mini Wall Quilt for my daughter, a wonky log cabin this time with a cat in the centre. And a friend is selling his small theatre and moving on, so I want to make something to thank him for how good he has been me (and my husband) I over the past few years. Only three weeks left…Yikes.

Happy Christmas to Everyone out there, especially to Molly in San Diego (where I almost lived once) for being my first follower. xx


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