Forest Moor Designs Home Page

Welcome and thanks for visiting! I’m Lesley Jackson, an English Paper Piecer who lives in a little corner of western Scotland. I make textile pictures and small quilts that combine traditional techniques and designs with Scottish themes.

Here are some of my designs:


‘A wee But and Ben’

A ‘But and Ben’ is a Scottish phrase for a small and simply designed house, often made up of just a couple of rooms. The words come from the outer room (But) that was added, or butted, onto an inner room (Ben). A Scot will say someone is ‘ben the hoose’, which means inside the house.

I love making houses.

Armchair Series:

‘This Chair is Taken’

‘Time for a Nap?’

‘Pastel Bows’

Baby Quilts:

‘Tumbling Blocks’
‘Deer in the Garden’

Textile Pictures and Wall Hangings:

‘In the Gloaming’. Gloaming is the Sottish work for twilight.

Appliqu├ęd Pictures:

‘A Song of Eggs and Feathers’ – custom made for the poet, Ann Gray after reading her poem, ‘My Blue Hen’.

Scottish Luckenbooth Quilts:

A Luckenbooth is a Scottish heart-shaped charm, a traditional Scottish love token, often given as an engagement or wedding brooch.


Tray Cloths and Table Toppers: